Carnival Brazil – Today’s Google Doodle marks the celebration of the beginning of Lent with Carnival. Carnival is a very lively festival. It includes parades, vibrant attire, and elaborate music and dance routines. Carnival celebrations take place all over the world but it is very special in Brazil. In fact, people from all over the world visit Brazil to enjoy the original flavor of the carnival. The exact place where the Carnival takes place in Rio De Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro has not less than 2 million participants every year.

Carnival Brazil


Carnival Brazil – The World’s Biggest Party:

(Carnival Brazil) – Brazil’s Carnival is a roughly 5-day party, ending on Ash Wednesday, a Christian holiday that denotes the beginning of Lent. To understand Brazil’s Carnival, called Carnaval in Portuguese, we need to analyze the roots of this tradition in Europe. Technically, the event began as a pagan holiday in ancient Greece and Rome. During this day the masters and slaves would swap clothes.

The rich would wait on the poor. And literally, everyone will drink and toss all social rules out the window. It was a day to release all the social pressures that build up in a society where some are more powerful than others. The most important day of the Christian calendar is Lent and it is 40 days prior to Easter Sunday. Lent are fasting, prayer, solemnity, and the voluntary abandonment of earthly pleasures in spiritual preparation for Easter.

Formal Catholics do not eat meat on Fridays in this period as well. So, right before Lent began, European Catholics began hosting massive parties – one last shebang before fasting and meditating for 40 days. Just as with the ancient Romans and Greeks, many social rules were abandoned in these parties. Thoor could dress in clothes only allowed for the rich, masks were worn to hide identities, and no one had to bow or serve a lord. Read more on the Google Doodle page. 

Carnival Brazil – Interesting Facts:

Rio’s Carnival registration is on the Guinness Book as the biggest carnival in the world. 10 million liters of beer consumption every year in Salvador only during the event. Although Carnival is Brazil’s most important festival the biggest celebrations in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Olinda, and Manaus. One of the greatest things about Carnival Brazil is that those taking part in the Samba Parade are often from the local communities such as the slums.  They practice and make their costumes and floats all year.  Each area has its own samba school and they compete against their local rivals in the carnival. See also: The Waitangi Day

Mythical King Momo presides over the celebration, and the city’s mayor even gives him the keys to the city for the week. The total income from the Rio Carnival is in excess of $40 million annually in ticket sales, T.V. rights, CD sales, advertising, sponsorships, and costumes. There’s a folklore that says Carnival comes from the Latin ‘Carnis Valles’ which roughly translates as ‘farewell meat’ because it begins before the Lent period.

There are no less than 587 street parties held in the Carnival Brazil from mid-January to mid-February, which typically involve bands, costumes, and revelers going wild. The largest, called the Cordão Da Bola Preta (Big Cord of the Black Ball) takes place in the city center on Saturday and draws about one million people. Carnival has streets for everyone, from those for geriatrics to those that cater to people with mental health problems. Among the streets is the “Band of the Shrimp,” “Half a Dozen Crying Cats,” and “I am Normal, but the Coconut is Crazy.”

Carnival around the World:

Venice, Italy, draws huge crowds annually with its fancy balls, masked celebrants and parade boats plying the canals.
And the wild times at Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) in New Orleans, Louisiana, are the stuff of legends. You can travel to Switzerland, Uruguay and the Canary Islands to find colorful Carnival parades and festivals. Just as parties tend to get chaotic at times, there’s no global standard for when Carnival begins.
In Cologne, Germany,  the carnival is beautiful. But around the world, it’s the week before Ash Wednesday when the merrymaking, overindulgence of food and drink and the pursuit of earthly delights reach a fever pitch. Salvador Carnival is “The World’s Largest Party”. No other mainstream party on the planet is more celebrated than Salvador Carnival in Bahia Brazil.
It is a blast of satisfaction you’ve positively never observed. The Carnival occurs in each city of the nation, yet no other city in Brazil has a festival as the Salvador Carnival. Salvador Carnival is extraordinary and greater. On the off chance that in Rio you are an observer of the parade, in the Salvador Carnival. In addition, you are a show.
On the off chance that in Rio the festival parades are done in two days, the Salvador Carnival most recent one week. The biggest and wildest festivities, take place in Luanda, Angola’s capital and largest city. There, the president and other high ranking officials watch a massive parade pass by on Marginal Avenue. Various groups compete as they sing, dance, play traditional music, and even shoot jokes. See also: The Lantern Festival
Happy Carnival for all the Party Addicts!!


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