Google doodle marks the El Salvador Elections 2019. El Salvador is one of the Central American Countries.  El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated of the seven Central American countries. It was an agricultural country, heavily dependent upon coffee exports. By the end of the 20th century, however, the service sector had come to dominate the economy. The capital is San Salvador. It is the “Land of the Volcanoes” because of the more than 20 volcanoes in the territory. Besides, two of them are currently active. Have a look at the Google Doodle page.

El Salvador Elections 2019


El Salvador Elections 2019: Kind Of Government:

El Salvador is a presidential, representative democratic republic, divided into three equal branches: executive. legislative and judicial. Eventually, this means that the head of state is the president. His election takes place by a popular vote for a period of five years. He appoints his cabinet at his pleasure without ratification from the other branches. Besides, there is no re-election for the president for a consecutive term.

The legislative branch is in a unicameral assembly with 84 representatives. These representatives’ election is according to the population of each of the fourteen departments (states) for a period of three years. The judicial branch is comprised of all the courts, from the municipal level all the way to a supreme court. In addition, the supreme court magistrates number fifteen, divided among four chambers, each dealing with a different aspect of the law. Lastly, the army is subjected to the executive branch, and the president is the commander in chief of the mere forces. See also: The USA elections 2018

El Salvador Elections 2019:

El Salvador elected new leadership after 84 seats in the Legislative Assembly and 262 mayoral seats for its municipalities. After a decade of power, Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), is coming to an end. Its two leading political parties, FMLN and its conservative opposition, Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) governed the country for years.

The upcoming elections will determine whether ARENA’s win this past election will result in ending the decade long run for FMLN’s reigning presidency. Despite Bukele’s notable influence on reconstructing cities and contributing to their social incline, the odds of him winning in 2019 are unrealistic in nature. For a country full of vibrant culture and great potential, being optimistic in El Salvador’s economic stability and overall security is somewhat of a naive mindset, unrealistic at best. See also: El Salvador election updates.

A former mayor of El Salvador’s capital city wins first-round voting in presidential elections held Sunday in the Central American country. Nayib Bukele, a businessman and the 37-year-old former mayor of San Salvador will win according to most polls. His victory could signal an end to nearly 30 years of two-party rule in El Salvador, where more than five million people are eligible to vote.

If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote Sunday, the top two candidates will face off. The election is seen as having high stakes for the people of El Salvador. It is one of the world’s highest rates violence and greatest economic instability. All three candidates have campaigned on a platform of reducing crime and helping staunch the out-migration of its citizens.

Results awaiting to excite us!!





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