Google Doodle today marks the celebration of Lithuania Independence Day. It is a country which is in Eastern Europe. This country is very rich in history. Early in history, it was the largest state in Europe. In addition, it was a part of many other countries like Poland, Russia, and Germany. Finally, on this day in the year of 1918, the Council of Lithuania adopted the act of Independence, a document tells the status of the Lithuania nation.

This day in Lithuania sees the celebration in all the entities of the nation. This country has three national colors. They are yellow, green, and red—representing golden fields of grain, green forests, and patriotic pride. Special Performances happens on the occasion of Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater which is in the capital city. The public is allowed in Cathedral Square to enjoy free concerts.

Museums, theatres, and other public facilities have special events and displays. Many local restaurants and entertainment venues participate in the celebration with special events and menus. Cepelinai is one of the most popular dishes of Lithuania; it is an oval shaped dish made from potato and ground meat. The most interesting thing about this dish is that it got its name from the zeppelin or dirigible. It is the national food of the nation. Read more on the Google Doodle page.

Lithuania Independence Day


Lithuania Independence Day – History:

Lithuanians have lived along the Nemen River and the Baltic Sea for about 3,000 years. During the medieval period, as stated before, Lithuania was one of the largest states in Europe, stretching from present-day European Russia to as far as the Black Sea. In the late 14th century, Lithuania united with Poland in forming a commonwealth, and with the third partition of Poland in 1795. Finally, Lithuania went into Russia.

In the 19th century, a Lithuanian linguistic and cultural revival began, and with the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Levost between Russia and Germany in 1918, Lithuania achieved independence. For the next two decades, however, Poland, Germany, and the USSR all interfered with Lithuania’s affairs. In 1940, Soviet forces occupied the country, but in 1941 the Nazis replaced them. During World War II, many Lithuanians fought alongside the Germans against the Soviet Union. But by 1944 the country liberated and a pro-Soviet communist regime was installed. See also: Serbia National Day.

Lithuania Independence Day – Two Independence Day and 100 years of Independence:

Two Lithuania Independence Day celebrations: the Restoration of the State Day on February 16th and the Restoration of Independence Day on March 11. To understand more about why Lithuanians celebrate two independence days, we need to look further back in time to when the country first emerged. Though an independent country since the 13th century, in the 18th century, the Russian Empire assumed the rule of Lithuania.
During WWI, German troops occupied the region while marching to Russia. In addition, they maintained control until the Russian revolution in 1917. At this time, Germany gave Lithuanians the choice for alignment either with Germany or Russia. Ignoring these options, the Act of Independence of Lithuania signed, proclaiming independence on February 16, 1918.

Last year, Lithuania celebrated 100 years of Lithuania Independence Day. One hundred hot air balloons floated over Lithuania’s second city of Kaunas on Saturday to mark 100 years of the Baltic state’s independence. “The first hot air balloon festival was in 1988 during Soviet times when flying balloons formally forbade. But no one could keep us on the ground, “organizer Gintaras Surkus, a pioneer of the activity in Lithuania, told. One balloon flew a 100-meter-long national flag, while others were in shapes including hearts and cats. Poles, Latvians, Estonians, and Chinese enthusiasts also came to fly their balloons in Kaunas. See also: Bahrain National Day.

Interesting Facts of Lithuania:

Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival along with the Latvian and Estonian versions were emblazoned as UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2008.  Basketball is the most popular sport in this country. Several Lithuanians have gone on to NBA fame, the greatest star is Arvydas Sabonis. Every year the river Vilnia is dyed bright emerald green for St. Patrick’s Day.

The idea originated in Chicago in the sixties, when Irish plumbers discovered an entirely harmless way of dying water. The country even has its own aroma, called ‘the Scent of Lithuania’, with notes of wildflowers, ginger, raspberry, sandalwood, and musk. Now you know the scent of this nation. Lithuania is the land of nature.  Forests cover 1/3 of the country, including many protected regions, nature reserves, and the national parks.  Lithuania has another name which is ‘the land of storks’, which is our national bird.

It has the oldest oak tree in Europe, called The Stelmuze Oak, which is 23 meters high and is more than 1,500 years old.  It requires 8-9 people just to hug its trunk. Lithuania has one of the fastest Internet connections in the World. It has the fastest broadband – with the download speeds of up to 30 Mbps.  There are many free WiFi hotspots around the biggest cities, therefore if you’re visiting this country on business – you no longer need to sit with your computer in hotels or in conference halls.   Take it anywhere with you like cafes or the city’s main streets, where you can easily connect to the free public Internet.

Happy Independence day!! Lithuania!!

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