Lyubov Orlova (actress) – This beautiful lady makes today’s Google Doodle. Google celebrates this Russian star’s birthday. She was born in Moscow in the year 1902. She took up her music training at a very early age. As she showed great passion in music and eventually her parents assumed that she would become a pianist. At a very young age, she impressed the Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin. She early years of life passed on with her education in Moscow Conservatory. Meanwhile, she sang and danced in operas. Later, she made it to the big screen.

Lyubov Orlova (actress)


Family of Lyubov Orlova (actress) :

Lyubov Orlova (actress) belong to a Russian Noble Family. She grew up in Yaroslavl. Her father, Pyotr Fyodorovich Orlov, was a military engineer who built railroad bridges. She belongs to two famous clans of Russian Origin. Some historians even believe that the actress was a distant relative of Grigory Orlov, favorite of Catherine the Great. Lyubov’s mother, Yevgenia Nikolayevna Sukhotina, also descended from an ancient noble family. Read more on the Google Doodle page. 

Lyubov Orlova (actress) – Profession and Marriage:

Lyubov Orlova (actress) entered the Choreographic Division of the Moscow Theatrical Tekhnikum. She graduated in 1926 and joined the corps de ballet of the musical studio attached to the Moscow Art Theater. That same year, she married Andrey Berzin, a young official whom she had long before promised to marry. It was a marriage of convenience, forced upon the 24-year-old actress by dire necessity.

Yet the workaholic Berzin chose his career and politics over his family. Then, at the end of the 1920s, as deputy of the People’s Commissariat of Agriculture, he made the fateful decision to join the opposition. In 1930, Berzin was arrested in the Chayanov Affair and sentenced to a long prison term. Lyubov returned to live with her parents immediately after Berzin’s arrest.



Lyubov Orlova (actress) – Peak Of Success:

She mainly peformed in episodic roles. Yet her musical and dramatic talent still managed to impress manypeople. In Jacques Offenbach’s La Périchole, she was selected for the title role of the street singer. it gave her the first success. Immediately there was talk of putting her in films.

In 1933, the director Boris Yurtsev invited Lyubov Orlova (actress) to act in his silent film Alyona’s Love. Then followed the role of Grushenka, in the film Petersburg Night. Both films debuted in 1934, but neither was successful. Then, at the end of December 1934, the film Jolly Fellows was released and overnight Lyubov Orlova (actress) became a superstar.

The film was the creation of 31-year-old director Grigory Alexandrov. In addition, they together they shot the legendary Battleship Potemkin (1925). Alexandrov dreamed of shooting the first Soviet musical comedy. And while the male lead decision was soon, finding the right female lead proved more difficult. Then, in 1933, Alexandrov went to a performance at MKhAT’s musical theater, where he saw the brilliant, 30-year-old Lyubov Orlova. The young director was immediately impressed. He had found his female lead.

1939 saw the release of The Shining Path.  In the film, an uneducated but hardworking girl, Tanya, arrives in the city from the country  and manages to work her way into becoming first a skilled weaver, and then, eventually, a deputy in the Supreme Soviet. This film made her an undeniable star. See also: Another Brilliant Theater Artist – Konstantin Stanislavski.

Lyubov Orlova (actress) – Other wow! facts:

For any film she acted, she would take some time prior and try to live in that character. Her famous film named Volga-Volga. Before the film, she spent a few days dragging a postal carrier’s bag around the city, delivering mail. For The Shining Path, Orlova spent three months working in the Moscow Scientific Research Institute for the Textile Industry, studying under the Stakhanovite textile worker Olga Orlova.

She was very strong in her discipline. Orlova would schedule even a minute. Regular Exercises, practices, songs and dances were her life daily. She would never ask for dupes to perform any situation in the film. All jumping and diving are done by just her.




The war in between did no harm to the career of this actress. She was successful even after the war. She did many films after her success in all the films she acted. Orlova fought for her entire career against the effects of age. This eventually turned into a maniacal obsession. She was the first Soviet actress to do plastic surgery. She fears photographs and never told her true age. This elegant lady struggled from photo phobia. See also: The first lady of Egyptian Cinema

When she got a chance to meet Stain, he promised her for any help. She asked about her first husband. She was told that he was alive and Orlov was happy for it. During her last days, she was found with pancreatic cancer. After her death her husband Alex, lived for eight and a half years. He took a documentary of his wife Orlov before his death.


Happy Birthday Lyubov Orlova!!


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